Mantis Impact Experiences to launch next year | News

Mantis has launched a new series of events, Mantis Impact Experiences.

Focused on ecotourism, sustainable travel and adventure, the new programme will offer the traveller seeking an immersive experience an opportunity to make a real impact for conservation, or to even embark on a transformative adventure into the wilds.

Guests can find themselves behind the scenes at ongoing conservation programmes contributing to the protection of rare species, enrolling in a nature course, participating in wildlife operations, or even partaking in a tailored adventure expedition.

This is travel out of the ordinary making lifelong memories through rare experiences.

Mantis Impact has created a unique Rhino Conservation Experience with the first tour running on the October 26th-31st next year.

This experience allows guests to take part in an unforgettable, hands-on safari experience, focused on Rhino Conservation in South Africa.

With its rich history in conservation and an unpretentious feel of complete luxury, the five-night and six-day experience will take place at Mantis Founder’s Lodge.

Guests are accommodated in a luxurious setting throughout their stay, with an added experience of an authentic evening of bush camping.

Mantis Collection chief executive, Paul Gardiner, launched the new series today during the third Hospitality Tomorrow show