Comito steps down as leader of Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association | News

Frank Comito has stepped down as chief executive and director general of the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA).

During his tenure he led the association through the Covid-19 pandemic, several devastating hurricanes and numerous global challenges impacting the industry.

The transition to new leadership comes at the conclusion of nearly 40 years of service to local and regional private sector organisations in the Caribbean.

In a message to members, Comito, who will serve as a part-time special advisor to the organisation, said he was proud of how quickly and effectively CHTA adapted over the past ten months, working in collaboration with public and private sector stakeholders to address the Covid-19 pandemic.

He added that Covid-19 remained a critical concern, and declared the industry needs CHTA, its regional public sector ally, the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO), and local private and public sector tourism associations and entities working together towards the industry’s recovery now more than ever.

“Our work has a bottom-line impact on restoring tourism and economies,” he stated.

Looking to the future of Caribbean tourism and CHTA, he voiced optimism that despite the headwinds facing the tourism sector and the association, industry leadership working with local and regional tourism