Story Seychelles celebrates Indian Ocean debut | News

The much-anticipated Story Seychelles has celebrated its successful launch.

The property set to become the flagship resort in the Seychelles, part of Story Hospitality, a dynamic, UAE-based hospitality management company with an innovative approach and singular vision of excellence.

The driving philosophy behind Story Seychelles – an exceptional beachfront resort nestling in a privileged location in the north of Mahé, Seychelles’ principal island – is to create a new alchemy of travel experiences for the discerning traveller and a fresh lens through which to view and savour the rich and varied possibilities of this exciting, tropical island destination.

Story Seychelles’ commitment is to challenge the established norms of the hospitality industry and provide exceptional performance and service within an imaginative and stimulating environment conducive to delivering a truly inspirational hotel stay that will complement the wonders of this legendary destination.

As its name suggests, Story Seychelles is about creating ‘stories’ for its guests – not only to relish, but also to participate in- during their stay.

These will be singular, inspiring stories sparked as much by the bold architecture of the resort itself and its magical melding into its lush environment, as by the curation of empowering, transformational experiences in