The Travel Corporation seeks carbon neutrality by 2030 | News

As members of the global travel industry, the Travel Corporation (TTC) has said it recognises its role and responsibility in creating greenhouse gas emissions through its trips and operations.

The need for both travellers and businesses to take action to address emissions and climate change becomes clearer and more urgent every day.

And so, in celebration of Earth Day 2021, TTC and its family of brands are announcing a five-step Climate Action Plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

To further support the transition to a low-carbon future, TTC and its TreadRight Foundation are investing in two nature-based carbon removal solutions, Project Vesta and GreenWave.

TreadRight has also launched a new Impact Hub in an effort to be transparent about the progress made at TTC and its family of brands towards the groups’ 11 sustainability goals, while also providing tips to travellers on how they can help.

“Our TTC Climate Action Plan is not marked by one quick fix, because there isn’t one.

“It is marked with the need to act now, to learn and adapt as technology and innovation support our need to transition to a low-carbon business,” states Brett Tollman, chief executive of the Travel Corporation.

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