Amadeus records uptick in global hotel occupancy | News

New research from Amadeus has sought to examine how the hospitality industry has adapted to Covid-19, as well as the trends hoteliers think are likely to stay as the industry rebuilds.

Amadeus’ Demand360 business intelligence data shows that hotel occupancy levels are now on an upward trajectory.

Worldwide occupancy reached 46 per cent in April, up from the low point of just 13 per cent during the same month last year.

This means that global hospitality occupancy has climbed two-thirds of the way back to pre-pandemic norms of around 70 per cent for this time of year.

The data also shows the booking lead time is lengthening, indicating growing consumer confidence to plan ahead.

For much of the past year, nearly all reservations across the world were made within seven days of travel.

In recent weeks, bookings made on the same day of travel, which are the most problematic for the industry to accommodate, have shrunk globally.

These bookings have fallen from 39 per cent the first week of 2021 to 23 per cent in the last week of April.

Bookings made 31-60 days in advance increased from six per cent the first week of 2021 to 11 per cent