Travelling round the world non-stop for 10 years!

For the past decade, everything in the unique world of knowledge and experience at Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost (Climate Museum Bremerhaven 8° East) has been about climate change

This is a trip around the world in a few hours, travelling constantly along the eighth degree of longitude, the central attraction in the Bremerhaven Climate Museum. The journey takes the visitor through nine locations over five continents in just a few hours, bringing climate protection alive for them – without moralizing or raising an admonishing finger. Visitors become acquainted with people in stops along the way, like Sardinia, Niger and the Antarctic, hearing about the challenges they face in coping with climate change around the world. A stroll through Cameroon’s rainforest? A stopover on Samoa’s fine beach sand? Everything on foot! Meticulously designed backdrops, changing temperatures and more than 250 species endemic to the original locations go to complete the impression of a “genuine” world trip to climate hotspots.

Climate Museum Bremerhaven 8° East

The Climate Museum, which is unique in the world, opened its doors for the first time on June 27, 2009. Ever since, it has drawn visitors, ensured rising value creation in its vicinity and promoted the image